Quality potable & Mineral water for sale 



Our company deals with mineral and drinking water sellings in Europe. Buy the best quality drinking water from Romania, Hungary and Ukraine.

Many of our clients are from the Arabic Countries and from Africa, where there is a lack of water. Thats why many clients from this area are interested on european drinking, potable water for sale. In Romania, Hungary and Ukraine there are many kind of Mineral Waters, which are not just good, if healthy too. But we still have clean drinking water for sale, that is on a very low price from the Ukraine.

In the mineral water market thera are much companies in Europe, we can offer you Doina, Buzias, Borsec, Szentkiralyi, Kristalyviz, and other brands... If you would like to taste our waters, you are welcome in our Romanian and Hungarian Offices, but if you are interested of our waters, we can send you Samples to taste and examine them. If you like one, ore more our waters, you are welcome here, you can visit us to discuss about the details of the agreement. After the negotiation we make the contract for water selling, and we still can offer you Transport Services too, to transport the water to your country.

As the most clinets are from the Middle-East, the Arabic countries, we can arrange the transport of the drinking water and mineral water to your country. It depends on, wher from do you order the water, we transport it from Ukraine, Hungary and Romania, to the Black Sea, from where we arrange for you the Shipping to your home.

The best drinking, and mineral water from Romania..

Our company is open for every client, we still can offer you very big quantity too at the best Price. We still have clients from the United Arab Emirates, who buys potable water from teh Ukraine 3.000.000 m3/month.

Contact our colleagues, and taste the european water!